Problem Statement of typical Customer

Problem Statement of typical Customer
  • I have more than 50 branches to manage
  • Each branch’s rent needs to be paid monthly along with 4 to 5 other utilities. Approximately, 300 payments each month.
  • Many payments are managed via reimbursements leading to extra time for validation of invoices and processing reimbursements via Payroll
  • Have to ensure TDS compliances and track GST input tax credit from rent payments
  • On top of that, except rent payment, dates for all other utilities are spread across the month. I have to be actively engaged full-time throughout the month. This impacts employee productivity and escalates company’s costs.
  • Many times landlord details, lease details, lease agreement, and broker details are kept unorganized and require search

Utility and Rent Payments

Lease Management

You can organize
  • Lease and Compliance Related Documents
  • Landlord Details (PAN, GST, Bank Account)
  • Lease Terms
  • Occupancy Ratios
  • Broker Details
  • Property Details and Features

Rent Management

  • Auto Rent Calculation
  • Approval Workflows
  • Auto Rent Payment from Wallet
  • TDS Deduction Report
  • GST Input Tax Credit Report
  • Rent Payment Receipts

Utility Management

  • Automatically Fetch Pending Bills Before Due Date
  • Approval Workflows
  • Auto Payment of Utilities from Wallet before Due Date (Early Payment Discount)
  • Reminders on due Payments
  • Payment Proofs

How it Works?

Upload Lease and Utility Details

Bulk Upload Lease and Utility Details

System auto-fetches Amount Due

Artificial Intelligence system maps due dates for each payment.

It displays all upcoming payments along with due dates. Post approval, it pays money from wallet

Automated Payment from Wallet

Customer can opt for auto- payment.

System maps due dates and automatically keeps making payment from wallet such that no payment is missed

Office Rent, Electricity, Internet, Landline, Mobile, DTH, etc

View Payment Receipts

Digital tracking of all payments made

Digital payment receipts

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Utility & Rent experience

Manage & Pay Rent and Utility Bills for all business locations through Single Dashboard. Auto-fetch Bills, Easy Approval Workflows, multi-bill payments, and auto-payments. Manage TDS and GST Input Tax Credit compliances.