Why Choose Genie Bazaar Courier Service Marketplace?

Cost and Network

Reduce shipping cost and increase reach.

As an aggregator of courier partners, we get much better rates due to our volume than any single customer. We pass on those price benefits to customers.

Leverage integration with several large courier partners

We have integrated with companies like Fedex, Delhivery, TCI, Gati, DTDC, Bluedart, and several others.

Find best courier partner through suggestions from “Courier recommendation engine”

Courier engine analyzes delivery speed, reliability, pin code coverage, and costing for recommending best courier partner

Marketplace Benefits

Largest delivery network of 26,000 pin codes within India via Surface and Air

By letting Genie Bazaar’s courier recommendation engine decide appropriate courier companies, our customers have reported huge reductions in ODA charges (outside of delivery area charges) and delivery timelines. Our software analyzes each from/to pin code and uses historical data to determine courier company based on shortest shipping time and non-ODA deliverability. 26,000+ direct non-ODA pin codes.

Simplicity and Convenience

Printed dockets (versus handwritten) increase deliverability. Illegible handwriting on dockets increases costly “Returned to shipper” and hampers customer experience.

Single dashboard for tracking all your shipments. No need to visit multiple websites for tracking shipments.

Bulk digital docket generation – Generate bulk multi-destination dockets with single click versus handwriting each docket (reduces time and improves deliverability). Useful for distributing gifts or printed material across India.

Single invoice from Genie Bazaar (versus clearing invoices from multiple vendors)

Single downloadable MIS and point of contact for all shipments (versus one for each carrier that you utilize today)

Automated digital pickup scheduling/re-scheduling (no need to call/follow-up with anyone for pickup)

Shipments can easily be insured for transit

How it Works?

Enter Single Shipment Details or Upload Bulk shipment Details

Print Label, pack shipment, and handover to courier pickup partner

Track shipment

Free trial for a better
courier experience

Single dashboard to manage all your shipping needs. You can track and manage shipments via multiple carriers and make logistics efficient for your company