Problem Statement of typical Customer

We have rate cards with several vendors but often we require a product or service for which either we don’t have a vendor or don’t have a rate card

  • We search for vendors on Justdial, Indiamart, and several other online sources
  • We take their references and negotiate with each vendor
  • Onboard them on ERP platform and have them sign agreements (NDA, EHS, Rate Agreement, etc.)
  • Check compliances like licenses and GST filing history
  • Train them on how to invoice our company and check any invoicing errors
  • Manage payment related escalations
  • Later in the year, we also need to check whether they filed their taxes so we can get input tax credit

We check whether the rate card that we have are good enough per market standards

Sometimes our regular rate card vendor is not available. In that case, we need to find new vendor and on- board very quickly

Request for Quote

Vendor Marketplace

  • Request quote from 18,000 vendors on platform
  • Can on-board your own vendors for comparing rates on single dashboard
  • Get multiple quotes
  • Approval workflows
  • Digital Negotiations

Artificial Intelligence

  • Analyzes all previous purchases on platform
  • Suggests price based on previous similar transactions for better negotiation
  • Direct Savings for your Company

Consolidated Billing

  • No need to on-board all vendors who give great rates on Vendor Marketplace on your ERP
  • Genie Bazaar generates single invoice for all products and services procured on platform
  • Genie Bazaar is audited, compliant and full digital

We take responsibility of fulfilling products or services when procured via Genie Bazaar platform

How it Works?

Post your request

Post your request. You can add images and/or video for additional reference

Request is sent to relevant vendors from base of 18,000 vendors and your preferred vendors

Compare Quotes

Our team ensures you get quotes for all your requirements

Multiple vendors submit quote for your review.

Negotiate/Send for Approval

Negotiate rates with vendors

Leverage AI for better negotiation

Place Order

Track fulfillment

Why we get good rates and pass on to customers?

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