Want to offer your services on Genie Bazaar? Apply today to get started.

Sell services on Genie Bazaar—from housekeeping, installation, and repair to Accounting and Legal services. Set price estimates, receive custom requests, and sell directly to our customers.

  • Set It and Forget It Set prices for pre-packaged services up front, so customers can purchase them on Genie Bazaar any time. For custom services, Genie Bazaar customers submit requests that are delivered directly to you.
  • Complete Background Check Security is important to customers. We will run a business background check for all service providers. For in-home services, we will also run background checks on associates.
  • Get Discovered Genie Bazaar customers can easily find and purchase your services while shopping for the service you provide, or they can submit a custom request for your services on Genie Bazaar.
  • Get Paid We handle the hassle of payment processing and customer payment issues, so you can focus on doing what you do best—delivering great service and growing your business.

Offering a Unique or New Service?

Do you provide a service that we don't have listed? We're always looking to add new services. Contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Reach Customers in Your Area in Mumbai and Grow Your Business

Genie Bazaar allows top service professionals like you to offer your services to thousands of local Mumbai customers. Genie Bazaar provides actual orders and simple tools, so you can focus on what you do best—delighting customers.

  • Free Marketing There’s no charge to sign up and no charge to list and market your services. Plus, you only pay us when you get paid.
  • No Lead Fees Don’t waste time chasing leads. When you sell your services on Genie Bazaar, you’ll get requests directly from customers.
  • Invite Only We invite only a selected few and you will only compete with best professionals in Mumbai.
  • No Signup Fees
  • No Subscription Fees
  • No Lead Fees
  • No Background Check Fees

Service commission fees are different for each service category and location. Commission fee reduces based on performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will customers find me and book my service?

Customers searching for a service will find you by browsing through price estimates for that service.

What are standard services?

Standard services have well defined scope of work with very little variability. These services are most commonly ordered by our customers and service professionals can set a price estimate for those jobs.

What are custom services?

Custom service allows customer to submit their custom request through a description, photo, and/or video, for you to bid. When you receive a custom request, you can communicate directly with customers to ask questions in order to provide an accurate estimate.

Can I specify the area where I offer services?

Yes. You can select areas down to the pin code or locality to precisely define your coverage areas.

How do I know when I get an order?

When a customer orders your service on Genie Bazaar, you will receive an e-mail or sms notification with a list of date/time preferences for the appointment. We require that you confirm the appointment through Genie Bazaar within one business day of receiving the notification to schedule their service.

How do I get paid?

For payments collected on our website, Genie Bazaar deposits payments into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent. You must have valid bank account information with us before you can use Net banking.
For payment after service, you will collect the entire amount from the customer and we will pick up commissions from you.

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Do you need to provide feedback on existing service or recommend a new service? Please contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

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